The importance of Maternity Photos

The importance of Maternity Photos.

Let me tell you why it is important to have your Maternity Photos taken, or to organise a maternity session.

As a Lifestyle Photographer, I believe in the beauty of your everyday life. I value every little detail.


Maternity is the long and beautiful road to Motherhood.

To being a Mama.

From the first moments of your pregnancy, and then for the following months, you will be filled with questions, doubts, impatience, happiness, and so so much love !

So yes ! I believe it is important to have lifestyle maternity photos taken. I believe it is important to document the way your body changes. Its curves. The life you are carrying.

9 months for a new life. 9 months in your life.

To have lifestyle maternity photos taken is to illustrate this road to motherhood in the most natural and candid way. It is to invest in precious memories, that you will cherish forever.

Furthermore, it is to retrace your baby’s life from the very beginning, to mark every step of the way.

Maternity photos can be organised in the comfort of your home, in the lovely nest your are building for your family.

However, you could also decide to have your maternity photos session done outdoor. We will go for a walk by the seaside, or in the fields. We do not lack amazing places where to have your photo shoot on the French Riviera or near Geneva.


You could decide to have your maternity photos on your own, or to take this opportunity to have a delightful moment with your loved one.

If you are already parents, then it will be like having family photos done. The shooy will be playful, lively, filled with laughters, hugs, sponatenous gestures and lots of love !


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These “in-between” moments are so precious ! My vision as a lifestyle photographer is to be true to who you are, to hightlight the beauty of your life.

It is to tell life, as it is. Because trust me, it is so beautiful the way it is !


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Maternity photos retrace a beautiful, unique story, which personnally I find fascinating.

Motherhood transforms you, us, so I look for every detail with closed up portraits. But I also like to let life unfold in front of me by taking a step back; to capture it as it is in this particular moment of your lives.

Your hand gently rubbing your growing belly, looking for this invisible and yet overwhelming connection between you and your baby.

A hug in the future dad’s comforting arms.

The laughter of the one who will be a big sister or big brother …

Lots of Mamas tell me how much they regret not having had their maternity photos taken. They only focused on organising a Newborn Photo Session.

Other Mamas only feel the need or the urge to do it within the last few moments of the pregnancy.

As they suddenly realise the importance of maternity photos.

If you would like to have your maternity photos done with a lifestyle photographer, I am available on the French Riviera and in Geneva.